Air Duct Cleaning

Breath Better !

ventilation poussiere optHeating ducts or air accumulate considerable dust and bacteria that can harm your health. With our improved method of Ventilation Ducts Cleaning your ducts are clean and allow you to breathe better air quality. Our trained and certified technicians will adapt depending on the type of system to clean.

Bye Bye Nasty Particles !

Our method of cleaning high pressure nozzles ventilation ducts (Suction-Friction-Pulsion) allows us to put the system in negative pressure and make sure to capture in a specialize equipement and keep all unwanted particles from your system .

Duct Disinfection

After each duct cleaning, it is advisable to apply a cleaner and odor neutralizer that will pass through all ducts to purify and disinfect inside the ducts. Our antibacterial solution based on natural product whit a delicate scent, made from citrus extract is safe to humans and animals.

All types of ducts

It is also possible to clean your Air Exchanger, your Dryer Duct and the Air Conditioning Coil.

Recommended CAA Habitation

caa habitation founisseur recommande 2016

Whatever the service you chose, our priority will always remain the same, providing quality service and get the satisfaction of our customers.

Des questions ?

Feel free to contact one of our representatives who will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Allergy Problems;
  • Dust;
  • Renovation;
  • Mould;
  • Animal Hair

Quality Poupart

Mr. Poupart has carefully selected the equipment for cleaning your ducts with a suction and pressure force among the highest on the market.